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I am Monika Eliaser, born in Olukonda, Oshikoto Region; Republic of Namibia. I am 58 years old, a widow, and one of the Freedom Fighter of the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia. I am living with HIV/AIDS for 16 years respectively. In the year 2003, I have started getting sick with severe asthma and hospitalized alternatively for 6 years, but my condition just got worse, there was no improvement.

In 2008 I became a bed ridden due to AIDS disease with many other diseases like, Diabetes, heart problem, kidney failure, liver problem and back bones disease called osteoporosis. By then I was already using Anti-Retro-Viral treatment (ARV), but they didn’t work well with me, they gave me severe side effects which has worsen the condition even more.


My doctor use to refer me to specialized doctors, but no avail at all. During the period of my bed ridden, I have always to listen to the radio. Because sometimes there were preaching and teaching of the word of God concerning repentance. One day my condition was worse and very serious that I even lost hope to continue living, for even the doctor give up on me. I decided to call a pastor to lead me to Christ as my Saviour. 

From that day on they started to give spiritual counselling and pastoral care, till I to get up from my bed. Through prayers, my condition started to improve and I started to attend bible studies, and as I am writing this testimony, I am healed by the grace of God through His word. I am not saying I will not get sick any more or will never die, but it amazing to notice that, since 2009 June till to date, I have not been hospitalized.

Through God’s grace, I am healed spiritually, mentally and physically. Although I became physically disabled due to osteoporosis, I am not concerned with fresh and blood anymore, because they are made to die, I praise the Lord for saving my soul. Yes, I am saved and praising my God with Psalm 145:1-3. I thank Him, and believe that my testimony will bring hope to someone out there.
God bless you

His unworthy servant
Meme Monika Eliaser

Windhoek Namibia



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