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They are currently engaged with these main ministries entitled: “Monte Christo Baptist Church Ministries”. Monte Christo is a name named after the place where this church is located.

These mentioned Ministries are known as:

  1. Monte Christo Mission Ministry [Evangelical Baptist Mission in Namibia]
  2. Monte Christo Training Ministry [Monte Christo Baptist Institute] MCBI
  3. Monte Christo Research Ministry
  4. Monte Christo Editing Ministry
  5. Monte Christo Local to Local Reading Materials Dishing and Region to Region Resources Distributing Ministry
  6. Monte Christo Prayers for Great Awakenings and Preparation for Gracious Visitation of our Genial God Ministry
  7. Monte Christo Face to Face Community Marriage Counseling and Heart to Heart Church Members Consolidating Ministry
  8. Monte Christo Men and Marriage Ministry
  9. Monte Christo Women and Marriage Ministry
  10. Monte Christo Single People’s Ministry
  11. Monte Christo Students Ministry
  12. Monte Christo Parenting Ministry
  13. Monte Christo Children Ministries
  14. Monte Christo Modeling in all things by being Ensample Ministry [1Thessalonians 1:7-9]
  15. Monte Christo Preachers shaping and Church leaders molding Ministry
  16. Monte Christo Tithe Givers and Mission Engineer Members Ministry
  17. Monte Christo Serving Ministry in accordance with Romans 12:7 and 2 Corinthians 12:5
  18. Monte Christo National Government Awakening Ministry
  19. Monte Christo Imbila Jesus Baptist Ministries etc.
  20. Monte Christo Ministry to People with Disabilities

Under the umbrella of the “Evangelical Baptist Convention of Namibia” EBCN

The goals or objectives of the above mentioned Ministries are:

  1. The glory of God - glorifying God and make him glorified
  2. The salvation of many souls
  3. The reformation of many churches
  4. The purity of Christian church members
  5. The revival of nations [or revival of religions]
  6. The making men and women disciples of Jesus Christ regardless of nation, tribe and language.
  7. The bringing joy in the lives of many people
  8. The preparation for the coming King [for the great advent] and
  9. The vivacious expectation and eagerly waiting to be gathered around His throne.



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